Dr Raya AL-Dadah PhD, BSc, HND, FInstR, FIMechE, CEng, AMEI

Dr Raya Al-Dadah

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Reader in Sustainable Energy Technologies
Head of Sustainable Energy Technology Laboratory

Contact details

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Raya AL-Dadah is a Reader in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Head of the Sustainable Enegy Technology Laboratory. She took lectureship position at UoB in 1995, promoted to senior lecturer in 2014 and to a reader in 2019. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration, Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, member of the Higher Education Academy and associate member of the Institute of Energy. She leads research in the field of sustainable energy technologies including: (i) adsorption heat pumps using advanced metal organic framework adsorbent materials for cooling, heating, energy storage and water desalination; (ii) organic Rankine cycle for electricity generation using low temperature heat sources and (iii) harnessing solar energy using highly concentrated multijunction solar cells.

She has co-authored four book chapters, presented several keynote speeches and published around 200 papers in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings. She has been a member of scientific committees and chaired sessions in international conferences and associate editor of the IMechE Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, Part C and Cognet Engineering Journal. She is a regular reviewer for several reputable journals like ATE, AE, Desalination, Energies and Refrigeration. Her research has been funded by BC, BA, DECC, Innovate-UK, EPSRC and Industry.

She has built a team of researchers and a laboratory specialising in sustainable energy technologies and developed several international collaborative research projects with Alexandria, EJUST and Suhag Universities (Egypt), Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Qatar), Kano University of Science and Technology (Nigeria) and Islamic University of Gaza (Palestine).


  • PhD in Electrohydrodynamic Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer, London South Bank University, United Kingdom, 1994.
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, Bir Zeit University, Palestine, 1985.  


Dr. AL-Dadah graduated from BirZeit University in 1986 with BSc in Mechanical Engineering specialising in air conditioning and refrigeration. She worked at the Engineering Consulting & Equipment Office which specialises in the design and supply of equipment for municipality equipment. Then she worked at the cooperation of fishermen in Gaza strip to manage the ice factory and the cold storage rooms.

In 1989, with a British council scholarship, she studied at Grimsby college the second year of the higher national diploma in refrigeration.

From 1990 to 1994, with scholarships from three Arabic organisations and London South Bank University, she studied for PhD in electrohydrodynamic enhancement of boiling heat transfer. During the PhD, she worked as part time researcher contributing to Prof. Ron James research projects on environment friendly refrigerants and part time lecturer teaching various topics in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer and energy efficiency of buildings.

From 1994 to1996, Dr. AL-Dadah worked for one year at London South Bank as a lecturer in thermofluids.

Since February 1996, she has been working at the University of Birmingham as a lecturer in thermofluids. In 2014, she was promoted to Senior lecturer and in 2019 she was promoted to a Reader in Sustainable Energy Technology.

Raya leads the sustainable energy technology research group with research that focuses on using low temperature waste heat sources to drive heat powered thermodynamic cycles to produce cooling, heating, electricity and potable water. She is part of the Birmingham Energy Institute Search (birmingham.ac.uk) and part of the Birmingham Plastics Network Birmingham Plastics Network: Shaping the Fate and Sustainable Future of Plastics - University of Birmingham.

With her international collaboration, she recently became a member of the advisory board of the centre of excellence in renewable energy established at the Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine Advising Board – Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy (iugaza.edu.ps).


Levels 2, Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanics 2

Dr AL-Dadah teaches the second law of thermodynamics and the theoretical and applied cycles of heat engines and heat pumps including Otto, Diesel and Brayton gas power cycles, Rankine vapour power cycle and applied steam power cycle (reheating, feed water heating), vapour compression refrigeration / heat pump cycle and sorption refrigeration / heat pump cycles to second year students.

Level 3: Sustainable Energy and the Environment

Dr AL-Dadah teaches efficient and sustainable energy systems, including CHP, combined cycles of steam and gas turbines, fuel cells  and optimization of heat recovery by pinch technology.  It also introduces renewable energy systems including wind energy, nuclear energy and solar energy.

Level 2 & 3 Integrated Design Project Supervision

Dr AL-Dadah supervises 2-4 teams of 5 undergraduates as they execute a project that addresses a real-world challenge and requires the teams to successfully apply core engineering principles with a full range of professional skills to design a new product.

Levels 3, 4 and MSc: Final year research project

Dr AL-Dadah supervises ~10 projects per year related to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer performance of sustainable energy systems for production of electricity, cooling, heating and potable water. These are research-based projects which have resulted in several publications.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr. AL-Dadah works currently supervises the following doctoral research projects:

  • Anil Taskin (November 2020 to November 2024): Development of small-scale scroll expander for organic Rankine cycle. Sponsored by the Turkish Government.
  • Andrew Makar (October 2020 to October 2024): Development of open cycle desiccant cooling system using metal organic framework adsorbent materials for air conditioning application. Sponsored by the British Council.
  • Ibrahim Albaik (October 2019 to October 2023): Development and optimisation of adsorption system using metal organic framework adsorbent materials for water desalination and cooling. Sponsored by the School of Engineering scholarship and contribution from various research projects.
  • Jonri Lomi Ga (September 2018 to September 2022): Development of Organic Rankine Cycle using Wankel expander. Sponsored by LPDP Scholarship Indonesia.
  • Yasser Alamri (September 2017 to September 2021 extended to April 2022 due to COVID 19): Development of water cooled concentrated multijunction solar panel for Saudi Arabia. Sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government.

She has supervised to completion, the following:

  • Dr. Majdi Saleh (started September 2016 and completed May 2021): Development of solar powered air conditioning system using advanced metal Organic Framework Materials. Sponsored by the Libyan government.
  • Dr. Gavin Tozer (started September 2016 and completed September 2020): Development of Wankel expanders and compressors for small scale liquefaction plants. Sponsored by EPSRC studentship.
  • Dr. Harith Jayakody (started September 2015 and completed September 2019): Development of indirect freeze desalination system using cryogenic energy storage. Sponsored by the School of Engineering and family.
  • Dr. Ahmad Almajri (started February 2015 and completed July 2019): Conversion of V type compressor to alpha type Stirling engine using CFD modelling and experimental testing. Sponsored by Libyan government.
  • Dr. Eman Hussein (F), (started November 2014 and completed December 2018): Development of advanced Metal Organic framework (MOF) material for compact adsorption heat pumps. Sponsored by the School of Engineering and family.
  • Dr. Wisam Al-Shohani (started September 2014 and completed September 2018): Experimental investigation of using water as an optical filter for PV systems in Iraq. Sponsored by Iraqi government. 
  • Dr. Khali Khalil, (started September 2014 and completed September 2018): Development of small-scale turbine for energy recovery of cryogenic energy storage system. Sponsored by the Iraqi government.
  • Dr. Ahmed Daabo (started September 2014 and completed September 2018): Development of solar powered small-scale Brayton system. Sponsored by Iraqi government.
  • Dr. Ahmed Alammar (started May 2014 and completed May 2018): Enhancement of thermosyphone heat pipes for efficient solar collectors. Sponsored by Iraqi government.
  • Dr. Abdalqader Ahmad (started May 2014 and completed May 2018): Development of air conditioning system based cryogenic energy storage, sponsored by Libyan government.
  • Dr. Fadhel Al-Mousawi (started May 2014 and completed May 2018): Development of adsorption system for cooling and power generation using Metal Organic Framework (MOF) material. Sponsored by Iraqi government.
  • Dr. Ghada Sadiq, (started January 2014 and completed January 2018): Development of a Wankel expander / compressor for hybrid cars. Sponsored by Iraqi government.
  • Dr. Suliman Alfarawi, (completed July 2017): Modelling and optimization of high temperature difference Gamma type Stirling Engine Prototype. Sponsored by Libyan government.
  • Dr. Ayad Aljuburi (graduated July 2017): Development of small-scale turbines for solar powered organic Rankine systems. Sponsored by Iraqi government.
  • Dr. Hassan Dakkama, (graduated July 2017): Experimental investigation of multi outputs adsorption ice making system using Metal Organic Framework (MOF) and potable /sea water working pair. Sponsored by Iraqi government.
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Aldossary, (graduated 2017): Development and performance characterization of high concentrating multi-junction PV/Thermal technology. Sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Government.
  • Dr. Abdulmaged Algareu, (graduated 2017): Development of reflective low concentrated photovoltaic / thermal system. Sponsored by the Libyan government.
  • Dr. Parya Aliabadi (F), (graduated 2017): Development of thermoelectric cooling system for tissue ablation, self-funded.
  • Dr. Adel AL-Dihani, (graduated 2017): Enhancing the performance of PV systems in dusty environment, self-funded.
  • Dr. Peter Youssef, (graduated 2017): Development of adsorption-based water desalination system using advanced Metal Organic Framework (MOF) materials. Sponsored by the School of Engineering and Weatherite Air Conditioning Ltd. Dr. Youssef was employed on EPSRC global challenge research project and then took employment at ?????? Ltd.
  • Dr. Kiyarash Rahbar, (graduated 2016): Development and optimization of small scale radial inflow turbine for waste heat recovery with Organic Rankine Cycle. Sponsored by School Scholarship. He won Best Article Award for best article published in the International Journal of Low Carbon Technologies in 2014.
  • Dr. Ali Bahr Ennil, (graduated 2016): Optimization of small scale axial turbine for distributed compressed air energy storage system. Sponsored by Iraqi government.
  • Dr Bala Abdullahi, (graduated 2015): Development and optimization of heat pipe-based compound parabolic collector. Sponsored by Nigerian government.
  • Dr. Mebrahtu Embaye, (graduated 2015): Enhancement of panel radiator based hydronic central heating system using flow pulsation. Sponsored by School EPSRC studentship and Fusion Innovations Ltd.
  • Dr. Baoshing Shi, (graduated 2015): Development of an adsorption cooling system for automotive air conditioning, Project funded by Li Siguang / CSC Scholarship.
  • Dr. John White, (graduated 2013): CFD simulation of silica gel and water adsorbent beds in adsorption cooling systems. Sponsored by EPSRC industrial case award.
  • Dr. Ahmed Rezk, (graduated 2012): Development and optimization of Silica gel/water adsorption refrigeration systems. Sponsored by Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd and School Scholarship. The researcher won the University Guest Keen & Nettlefolds PG Scholarship award for the number and quality of publications published. Currently he is working as a lecturer at Aston University.
  • Dr. Ahmed Elsayed, (graduated 2011): Boiling heat transfer of R134a inside small diameter helical coils. Sponsored by ORS scholarship. The researcher won the Institute of Refrigeration Ted Berry Award for research work related to the refrigeration industry. The researcher was also involved in two VIN projects.
  • Dr. Mesbah Slim, (graduated 2011): Heat transfer and pressure drop of refrigerants inside small diameter tubes. Sponsored by Libyan government.
  • Dr. Gary Jackson, (graduated 2008): Solar powered combined vapor compression and vapor absorption cooling system for domestic air conditioning, sponsored by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica. The researcher presented his research to Mr. EATON HAUGHTON the managing director of Caribbean ESCo Ltd in Jamaica who utilised the environment friendly natural refrigerant Propane instead of R22 in air conditioning systems resulting in annual energy savings of 350,000kWhr and hence contributing to the Government commitment to reducing substances with Ozone Depletion and Global Warming Potential.
  • Dr. Adel Naser, (graduated 2004): Condensation heat transfer inside micro-finned tubes of R134a, Sponsored by the Libyan government and support from Wolverine tube manufacturer.
  • Dr. Adel Alahmadi, (graduated 2004): EHD Enhancement of condensation heat transfer- correlation of heat transfer coefficient for condensation outside tubes. Sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government.
  • Dr. Zhenhua Yu, (graduated 2001): EHD enhancement of R123 condensation heat transfer- optimization of electrode system, Funded by an award from the Nuffield Foundation.
  • Miss Fereshteh Azizi, MSc by Research, Forearm cooling for intention tremor in multiple sclerosis, self-funded.
  • Miss Izazi Mosli, MSc by Research, (graduated in April 2015): Solar powered adsorption system for air conditioning. Sponsored by Brunei government.

The Sustainable Energy Technology Research Group are always looking to recruit talented and committed engineers. If you are interested in working in the group then please get in touch. Researchers who would like to join our research team may apply for scholarship and fellowship opportunities, for more details contact r.k.al-dadah@bham.ac.uk.


Dr. AL-Dadah is an expert in sustainable energy technologies for production of cooling (University of Birmingham leads discussions on boosting 'clean cold' in India), heating, electricity and potable water. Her research activities theme can be broadly grouped as:

Adsorption Heat Pumps

Heat powered adsorption technology for cooling, heating, energy storage and water desalination applications. The research involves developing advanced highly porous adsorbent materials through material modelling, synthesis and experimental characterization of their adsorption characteristics including adsorption isotherms and kinetics, particles size and pores’ surface area and volume and thermal properties (density, specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity). Also, the work involves developing efficient and compact adsorber beds utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques like 3D printing. Furthermore, the work involves enhancing the energy efficiency through maximizing energy recovery within the adsorption system and developing the system to simultaneously produce (a) water desalination and cooling; (b) energy storage, heating and cooling and (c) energy storage, cooling and power.

Expanders for small scale organic Rankine cycle

This research involves developing small scale expanders for organic Rankine cycle driven by low temperature heat sources. Research work for developing radial and axial turbines, Wankel expander and Scroll expander has been carried out.

Cryogenic Energy Storage

Cryogenic energy storage including developing turbines, engines, heat exchangers and thermodynamic systems to recover the cold energy stored in cryogenic fluids like liquid air, liquid nitrogen and liquefied natural gas.

Harnessing Solar Energy

Solar thermal and electrical energy systems including: (a) development and optimization of concentrating devices using advanced ray tracing simulation techniques; (b) modelling the thermal and electrical performance of various types of photovoltaic solar cells including silicon and multi-junction ones and (c) solar powered thermodynamic cycles like solar powered Brayton gas power cycle and solar powered organic Rankine vapour power cycle.

Cooling for medical applications

Cooling for medical applications including: (a) developing a forearm cooling device to alleviate intension tremor for multiple scleroses patients and (b) developing a micro cooling probe for tissue ablation and brain mapping. The research involved thermal modelling of various parts of human body including blood perfusion and metabolism under various cooling temperatures and thermal/electrical modelling of single and multiple cascaded thermoelectric cooling devices.

Automotive – Electric Vehicles

Cooling the battery of electric vehicles is vital to maintain its effective operation. Using two phase heat transfer processes offer the advantage of extracting large amount of heat and maintaining the battery at low and uniform temperatures. The research work involves developing a cooling system for electric vehicles batteries using two phase boiling heat transfer process and integrate this cooling system with organic Rankine cycle to recover the rejected heat to produce electricity that can be used to power vehicle auxiliary devices.

Sources of funding

Funding supporting Dr. AL-Dadah’s current research portfolio (all values at FEC) includes:

  1. P. Davies (PI), R. K. Al-Dadah (CI) and S. Mahmoud (CI), Research and Development Office, Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia, “Low Grade Waste-to-Energy Conversion for Electricity, Water Desalination and Cooling using Gasification, MOF Adsorption and Reverse Osmosis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, Collaboration with King Khalid University, £64,000.
  2. R. K. Al-Dadah (PI) and S. Mahmoud (CI), British Academy-Urban Infrastructures of Well-Being Programme 2019, “Alleviating the Impacts of Gaza’s Energy Crisis on Population’s Well-being through Sustainable Electricity Generating Technology”, UWB190157,£297,586. Hi-tech solar solution brings hope to energy-starved people of Gaza (birmingham.ac.uk)
  3. R. K. Al-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud, S. Dhesi and I. Kuznetsova, Institute of Global innovation and Institute of Advanced Studies, Clean Air Pump Priming Funding, “Feasibility of using waste to energy conversion technology to reduce indoor and outdoor pollution in Nigeria”, £9,916.
  4. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI) and S. Mahmoud (CI), EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Knowledge Transfer Secondment in collaboration with MOF Technology Ltd for the “Development of Aluminium Fumarate MOF Coating Techniques for Adsorption Heat Pumps Applications”, £33,495.
  5. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI) and S. Mahmoud (CI), EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, Follow On Fund, Lair Dearman Engine for Power and Cooling in Confined Spaces, £15,984.
  6. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), J. Bridgeman (CI), Newton-Musharafa Institutional Link Fund,in collaboration with Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology,Novel Water Treatment System using Solar Driven Metal Organic Framework Adsorption integrated with Energy Storage and Real Time Water Quality Sensor for Egypt. £294382, UoB award £149,342.
  7. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), University of Birmingham EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund, £21,303.
  8. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), A. Tsolakis (CI), K. Dearn (CI) in collaboration with Dearman Ltd, Lair Dearman Engine for Power and Cooling in Confined Spaces, funded by Innovate UK/ EPSRC. Project value: £296,722, UoB awards: £149,348.
  9. A. Hassan (PI, Qatar), R.K. AL-Dadah (PI, UK), S. Mahmoud (CI, UK), H. Fath (Consultant, Qatar), Project No. NPRP9-028-2-012 in collaboration with Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Development of Solar Driven Adsorption Water Desalination / Cooling System using Advanced Metal Organic Framework Material, funded by Qatar National Research Foundation. Project value: £529,816, UoB grant: £158,577.
  10. R.K.AL-Dadah (PI, UK), S. Mahmoud (CI, UK), A. Askalani (PI, Egypt), collaboration project with Sohag University, Egypt, Integrated MOF adsorption water desalination with photovoltaic solar panels. Funded by UoB EPSRC global challenge fund. Project value: £43,758.
  11. R.K. AL-Dadah (PI, UK), S. Mahmoud (CI, UK), O. Elsamni (PI, Egypt), Development of Heat Driven Adsorption Desalination- Cooling System Using Advanced Metal Organic Framework Material. Funded by British Council (Institutional Link, Newton – Mosharafah Fund). Project Value: £300,000, UoB grant: £156,666.
  12. R.K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), MOF Based Adsorption System for Integrated Energy Storage and Power Generation, Technology Strategy Board (TSB), £237,004, April 2015 to March 2016, Collaboration with Weatherite. UoB grant is £98,147.
  13. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), Developing a Stirling Engine test facility as part of the EPSRC capital equipment bid for “Cryogenic Energy Storage research Centre”. Capital grant from EPSRc is £6,000,000 with my grant of £365,000 (240K for equipment and £125K for lab refurbishment).
  14. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), Development of novel water desalination system based on adsorption technology, Project sponsored by Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd £31,500 and School scholarship, Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd Reference No. JSW/TF.
  15. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), P. Anderson (CI), Compact High Energy Density Adsorption Heat Storage System Using Metal Organic Framework Materials- Feasibility Study. £26.300 from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Application No. HS28.Collaborators are Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd and Johnson Matthey.
  16. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), P. Anderson (CI), Compact High Energy Density Adsorption Heat Storage System Using Metal Organic Framework Materials- Prototype Development: £126,500 from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Application No. HS28.Collaborators are Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd, Johnson Matthey and Grayson Thermal Ltd.
  17. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), S. Mahmoud (CI), K. Dearn (CI), Developing a low temperature adsorption cooling system, TSB funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd, £88,502 from TSB + (£43,590 +£21747 salary topup) from Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd (KTP 8922).
  18. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), M. Ward (CI), Optimization of Silica gel/water Adsorption water chiller, funded by EPSRC Industrial Case Award in collaboration with Weatherite Manufacturing Plc. £63,000 from EPSRC + £21,000 from Weatherite Manufacturing Ltd (EPSRC Voucher No.08001389).
  19. R. K. AL-Dadah (PI), M. Ward (CI), Water cooled concentrated Photo Voltaic (PV) cells for combined heat and power applications, funded by EPSRC Industrial Case Award in collaboration with LGC-Skyrota £63,000 from EPSRC and £21,000 from Skyrota (EPSRC Voucher No. 08002258, and the grant reference EP/G50122X/1).
  20. European Union – European Regional Development Fund, Accelerating Thermal Energy Technology Adoption – phase 2 (ATETA2).

Post-doctoral researchers

The post-doctoral researchers in the Sustainable Energy Technology Research Group under Dr. Al-Dadah’s supervision:

  • Dr. Saad Mahmoud, Senior Research Fellow on British Academy funded project UWB190157.
  • Mr. Ibrahem Albaik, Research Fellow on project funded by RDO, Saudi Arabia.

Other activities

Student enrichment and support of teaching

Year 2 director to support undergraduate students undertaking year 2 of BEng and MEng degree programmes in mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering (automotive), mechanical engineering with year in industry.
•    Industrial placement supervisor
•    Personal tutor
•    Other teaching responsibilities include sitting on L&T committees.

School administration

  • Member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee.

College roles

  • The Energy Institute Management Group

External positions

  • Grant reviewer and evaluator for the British Academy, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).


Selected publications

Book Chapters

Elsayed, E., AL-Dadah, R. and Mahmoud, S., Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) for Adsorption Heat Pump Applications, Chapter in a book titled Heat Pumps: Performance and Applications. The book was published by Nova Science Publishers in October 2018, ISBN: 978-1-53614-341-6 (https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=65494

Elsheniti, M. B. Elsamni, O., Al-Dadah, R., Mahmoud, S., Elsayed, E. and Saleh, K., Adsorption Refrigeration Technologies, IntechOpen Publisher 2018.

Elsayed, A.M., Dakkama, H.J., Mahmoud, S., Al-Dadah, R.K., Kaialy, W., Sustainable Cooling Using Activated Carbon Adsorbents and Their Environmental Impact, chapter in a book titled Applied Environmental materi”als Science for Sustainability, Published by IGI Global in December 2016. https://www.igi-global.com/book/applied-environmental-materials-science-sustainability/169505

Rezk, A., Elsayed, A., Mahmoud, S. and AL-Dadah, R.K., Adsorption Refrigeration, Book Title “Refrigeration Systems, Design Technologies and Developments” Editors Donatos Alda and Davide Ciarlo, Published by Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
400 Oser Avenue, Suite 1600 Hauppauge, NY 11788, ISBN number 978-1-62417-229-8, 2012. https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=33856

Selected journal / conference papers:

Elsayed, E., Saleh, M.M., AL-Dadah, R., Mahmoud, S., Elsayed, A., 2021, Aluminium fumarate metal-organic framework coating for adsorption cooling application: Experimental study, International Journal of Refrigeration.

Alamri, Y. A., Albaik, I., Mahmoud, S., Al-Dadah, R., Ismail, M. A., 2021, Integration of concentrated multi-junction solar cells with small-scale organic rankine cycle, , Energy Conversion and Management 239, 114235.

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Effiong, C., Kanu, E., Dhesi, S., Kuznetsova, I., Mahmoud, S., Al-Dadah, R., and Aziz, A. N., 2021, Air pollution and solid waste: promoting green and resilient recovery in Nigeria, presented at the 1st International Conference on Health & Environmental Resilience and Livability in Cities (HERL) held 19-21 July 2021.

Aziz, A. N., Mahmoud, S., Al-Dadah, R., Dhesi, S., Kuznetsova, I., Effiong, C., Kanu, E., 2021, Conversion of mixed wood and plastic waste to clean fuels using pyrolysis in Nigeria – Numerical Study, Presented at the 8th International Conference on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow (HTFF’21) held 2-4 August 2021.

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