Dr Richard Tookey BSc, PhD

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Honorary Research Fellow

Contact details

School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Richard Tookey is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Geometric Modelling Group. Richard was seconded to BAE through the EPSRC Technology Transfer Scheme and is now working as Lead Design Engineer at Airbus, Filton.


Key Publications

  • Tookey R M and Ball A A, Approximate G1 continuous interpolation of a rectangular network of rational cubic curves. Computer-Aided Design, 1996. 28(12): p. 1007 - 1016.
  • Tookey R M and Cripps R J, Improved surface bounds based on derivatives. Computer Aided Geometric Design, 1997. 14: p. 787 - 791.
  • Tookey R M and Ball A A, Estimation of curvature from planar point data, in The Mathematics of Surfaces VII, Goodman T and Martin R, Editors. 1997. Information Geometers: p. 131 - 144.
  • Ali J M, Tookey R M, Ball J V and Ball A A, The generalised Cornu spiral and its application to span generation. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 1999.102: p. 37 - 47.
  • Tookey R M and Sargeant W, Application of point-based smoothing to the design of flying surfaces in The Mathematics of Surfaces IX, Cipolla R and Martin R, Editors. 2000. Springer: p. 470 - 485.