Dr Ioannis Gallos DMS MD MRCOG

Dr Ioannis Gallos

Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research
Clinical Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Contact details

3rd Floor, Birmingham Women's Hospital
Mindelsohn Way
B15 2TG

Ioannis is a Sub-specialist trainee in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and an honorary clinical lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Ioannis is combining his academic work with clinical duties Birmingham Women’s Hospital NHS Trust.

 Ioannis’ research interests are benign gynaecology, reproductive medicine and maternal global health.


  • MD June 2014
  • MRCOG May 2014
  • DMS October 2005


Ioannis qualified M.D. cum laude from the University of Rome, Italy in 2005. During his undergraduate studies he received a number of travel research scholarships and distinctions.

He subsequently completed a Wellbeing of Women funded research training scholarship investigating the management and prognosis of endometrial hyperplasia, for which he has submitted his MD thesis and authored a Green top guideline on “The management of endometrial hyperplasia”. He then undertook a year of combined clinical training and academic work as academic clinical fellow in Oxford and John Radcliffe hospital before returning to University of Birmingham as a Clinical Lecturer and then as a Sub-specialist trainee in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. 


  •  MBChB course
  • 2nd year RED module
  • 5th year Obstetrics and Gynaecology module

Postgraduate supervision

MD or PhD


My research interests are in the field of benign gynaecology, early pregnancy and reproduction, and global maternal health.

Benign Gynaecology: Common gynaecological conditions can compromise the quality of life and reproductive ability of affected women. My research has focussed on the prognosis and management of endometrial hyperplasia. I found that fertility-sparing therapy is a feasible option for women of reproductive age. My findings are based on the largest described cohort of women with endometrial hyperplasia (UKCRN ID 6956) and evidence synthesis funded by Wellbeing of Women. Following this work I was the lead author for the Green top guideline from the RCOG on “The management of endometrial hyperplasia”.

Early pregnancy & Reproduction: I have published meta-analyses of diagnostic accuracy of tests used to predict early pregnancy complications, such as USS signs, DNA fragmentation and progesterone testing. I have registered Cochrane reviews with network meta-analysis for methods of management of miscarriage and evaluation of controlled ovarian stimulation protocols for assisted reproduction. I have also studied the effects of tubal surgery for women with hydrosalpinx. I am currently analysing a large database from CARE IVF provider to evaluate the association of the maximum endometrial thickness during IVF treatment with early miscarriage. I am also collaborating in a project examining vitamin D levels and IVF outcomes.

Global Health: I am engaged in evidence synthesis of interventions to reduce the global burden of maternal mortality and morbidity. I have evaluated the effectiveness of strategies incorporating traditional birth attendants and I am currently carrying out the first network meta-analysis in O&G within Cochrane with cost-effectiveness analysis for identifying the most effective and cost-effective uterotonic for reducing postpartum haemorrhage. 


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