Dr Cristina L. Ronchi MD, PhD

Dr Cristina L. Ronchi

Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research
Hoffenberg Clinician Scientist in Endocrine Oncology

Contact details

Institute of Metabolism and System Research
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Cristina Ronchi is an Endocrinologist and clinician scientist with long-standing expertise in endocrine tumors. Her research field mostly focuses on genetic studies and investigations of molecular markers involved in the pathogenesis and prognosis of adrenocortical neoplasia.  She is particularly active in research dissemination and collaborates with several world-leading groups around Europe. Clinically active as a Consultant in Endocrinology, she actively participates in clinical trials. Dr Ronchi is regularly involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at the School of Medicine.


  • Clinician Scientist and Consultant in Endocrinology
  • PhD 2008
  • CCT Endocrinology & Diabetes 2005
  • MBChB 2000


Dr. Ronchi studied Medicine and obtained the Specialisation in Endocrinology at the University of Milan (Italy). From 2010 to 2017 she worked at the Division of Endocrinology at the University Hospital of Würzburg (Germany), where she most recently led the section “Translational Tumor Endocrinology”.

She has obtained several fellowships, prizes and grants as financial support for her projects. She has published more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and attended more than 105 national and international conferences as presenting author or invited speaker. Dr Ronchi is a member of four scientific societies and active as peer-reviewer for journals, grants and conferences.  Furthermore, she has been active in clinical activities as an Endocrinologist since 2005 and is involved in several clinical trials.  She regularly takes part in didactic activities including the supervision of graduate students.


University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

 Adrenal Lecture MBChB Year 1

 SGT MBChB Year 1 and 2 (Adrenal, Endocrine Disorders)

 Personal Academic Tutor MBChB Year 1 and 2 since 2019

Leader of MBChB Year 1 research Taster Experience

Undergraduate supervision: BMedSc (Clinical Sciences Intercalated Degree) course


University Hospital of Würzburg, Germany

Integrated Seminar “Endocrinological  Pathophysiology”- Medical School

Integrated Seminar “Tumorbiology” (Endocrine Tumors) - Medical School

Lection “Pathophysiology and Pathobiochemistry” (Endocrinology) - Biomedicine School

Lection “Clinical Chemistry und Laboratorium diagnostics” (Endocrinology) - Medical School

Seminar “Clinical Endocrinology” - Medical School

Lection and Seminar “Clinical Oncology” (Endocrinology) - Master in Biochemistry

Seminar “Rare Disease” (Endocrinology) - Medical School

Practical Seminar “Clinical cases” (Endocrinology) - Medical School

Postgraduate supervision

Since 2013 supervision of three MD Students (Esther Henning, Valeria Laufs, Raimunde Liang)

Since 2014 Co-Supervision of two PhD Students

-          Juliane Lippert (collaboration with the Institute of Human Genetics, Würzburg, PhD planned for 2019)

-          Barbara Altieri (collaboration with the University of Rome, PhD planned for 2018)

 Dr. Ronchi is currently available for supervision of PhD students.


  • Genetic studies in endocrine tumors.
  • Adrenocortical tumors: Pathogenesis of adrenocortical tumors and Cushing Syndrome. Prognostic and predictive molecular markers. Molecular targets for innovative cancer therapies. Precision medicine.
  • Pituitary tumors: patho-physiology, clinic characterisation and treatment.
  • Neuroendocrinology: patho-physiology, clinic and therapy of GH excess and deficiency. Therapeutic applications of somatostatin analogs. Regulation of ghrelin secretion in physiological and pathological conditions.

Other activities

2019- present           Member of the Editorial Board of Precision Medicine Journal

2018-present            IMSR Seminar Organiser (UoB)

2018-present            Member of the IMSR Executive Board (UoB)

2018-present            Member of the AdrenoCortical Carcinoma Scientific Board (ENS@T)

2016-present              Member of the Non Aldosterone-Producing AdrenoCortical Adenomas Scientific Board (ENS@T)

2016-present              Member of the Task Force on Personalised Medicine and Precision Oncology at the University Hospital of Wuerzburg (Germany)

2016-present              Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Endocrine Society

2015-present              Member of the Reviewer Editorial Board of Frontiers in Endocrinology

05/2014                     Qualification for Genetic Counselling (Germany)


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Bathon K, Weigand I, Vanselow JT, Ronchi CL, Sbiera S, Schlosser A, Fassnacht M, Calebiro D. Alterations in Protein Kinase A Substrate Specificity as a Potential Cause of Cushing Syndrome. Endocrinology. 2019 Feb 1;160(2):447-459. doi: 10.1210/en.2018-00775.

Kroiss M, Deutschbein T, Schlötelburg W, Ronchi CL, Hescot S, Körbl D, Megerle F, Beuschlein F, Neu B, Quinkler M, Baudin E, Hahner S, Heidemeier A, Fassnacht M.Treatment of Refractory Adrenocortical Carcinoma with Thalidomide: Analysis of 27 Patients from the European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumours Registry. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 2019 Oct;127(9):578-584. doi: 10.1055/a-0747-5571

 Ronchi CL. Adrenocortical tumors: challenges and recent advances in diagnosis and treatment. Minerva Endocrinol. 2019 Mar;44(1):1-3. doi: 10.23736/S0391-1977.18.02915-2

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