Professor Hanshan Dong BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng, FIMMM

Professor Hanshan Dong

School of Metallurgy and Materials
Professor of Surface Engineering
Leader of Surface Engineering Research Group

Contact details

School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Hanshan Dong is Professor of Surface Engineering and Leader of Surface Engineering Research Group at the University of Birmingham. He is a leading surface engineering expert in developing novel surface engineering technologies and characterisation of surface engineered materials.

Hanshan has published more than 320 papers in international journals (260) and conferences together with 6 patents, 1 book and 5 book chapters with an h-index of 38. During the past 10 years, he has successfully been awarded for 20 research projects and received major grants from EC, EPSRC, TSB and the Royal Society. He won the Harvey Flower Titanium Prize 2004 awarded by IoM3 ‘in recognition of his contribution to the science and technology of surface engineering of titanium alloys’.

He is active in international surface engineering activities including visiting professorships, plenary and invited lectures to major international conferences, organisation of national and international conferences and is on the editorial board of academic journals.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 2019
  • Fellow of IoM3 & Chartered Engineer, 2001
  • PhD in Metallurgy & Materials (Surface Engineering), Birmingham University, 1997
  • MSc in Tribology, Dong-Hua University, China, 1986
  • BSc in Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University, China, 1983


  • Biomaterials module in BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
  • Sports Materials module in BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
  • Materials for Challenging Environment module in BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
  • Surface Engineering module in MEng Materials Science and Engineering
  • Adv. Materials & Design for Manufacturing module in BMedSci Biomaterials
  • PGT Biomaterials module in MSc(T) Science and Engineering of Materials
  • PGT Surface Engineering module in MSc(T) Science and Engineering of Materials
  • PGT Dental Materials in MSc(T) Dental Materials

Postgraduate supervision

Hanshan Dong is a leading surface engineering expert in developing novel surface engineering technologies (such as S-phase surface engineering, ceramic conversion and active-screen plasma), surface engineering design and modelling, and characterisation of surface engineered materials (such as environmental nanoindentation). Professor Dong's research interests include:

Surface modification of biomedical materials (biosurface engineering)
Paraequilibrium plasma surface alloying of stainless steel, Co-Cr and Ni-based alloys
Ceramic conversion treatment of Ti-and Zr-based alloys (Ti alloys, TiAl, TiNi, Zr alloys)
Active screen low-temperature plasma surface engineering technology
Nanoindentation and tribological characterisation of surface engineered materials
Modelling and simulation of surface engineering processes

Current Postgraduate Students & Projects

  • Mr Xinhe Xiong (PhD), ‘Catalytic ceramic conversion treatment of Zr-alloys for combating wear’
  • Ms Yingdi Feng (PhD), ‘Development of high-performance & cost-effective graphene-containing coatings for engineering components’
  • Mr Thomas John Collins (PhD), ‘Active-screen plasma surface alloying of advanced TWIP steel’
  • Miss Chang Che (PhD), ‘Micro-plasma surface activation and functionalisation of polymers’
  • Mr Fangzhou Shi (PhD), ‘Plasma multi-functionalisation of advanced ceramics’
  • Mr Mikdat Gurtaran (PhD), ‘Novel surface coatings for thermo-electric materials based harvesting devices
  • Mr Yepeng Yang (PhD), ‘Plasma surface engineering of high entropy alloys’
  • Miss Xueqi Zhu (PhD), ‘Advanced plasma technologies for high-performance composites for wind turbine applications

Other activities

  • Member, Surface Engineering Committee, IoM3
  • Member, EPSRC Peer Review College, UK
  • International Advisor, China Surface Engineering
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Surface Science & Engineering
  • Member, Editorial Board of International Journal, Manufacturing Review
  • Member, Editorial Board of International Journal, Biosurface and Biotribology


Recent publications


Xiong, X, Li, X, Alexander, J, Zhang, Z & Dong, H 2023, 'A Novel Catalytic Ceramic Conversion Treatment of Zr702 to Combat Wear', Materials, vol. 16, no. 5, 1763.

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Tao, X, Yang, Y, Qi, J, Cai, B, Rainforth, WM, Li, X & Dong, H 2023, 'Active screen plasma nitriding of a Si-alloyed FeCrNi medium entropy alloy: High interstitial absorption and an anomalous Si-induced decomposition mechanism in N-expanded austenite', Applied Surface Science, vol. 624, 157137.

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Liang, Y, Li, X, Giorcelli, M, Tagliaferro, A, Charitidis, C & Dong, H 2022, 'Enhancement and evaluation of interfacial adhesion between active screen plasma surface-functionalised carbon fibres and the epoxy substrate', Polymers, vol. 14, no. 4, 824.

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