Dr Mary Taylor

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School of Metallurgy and Materials
Senior Research Fellow

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School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Mary Taylor is a Senior Research Fellow in the department of Metallurgy and Materials. She is active in the field of high temperature oxidation of alloys and coatings. She has published work on the chemical failure of coating systems and creep testing of coatings. She has also developed and patented an a chromia forming thermal barrier coating system.


  • PhD in Plasma-Spraying Hydroxyapatite Coatings, 1995.
  • MEng in Materials Engineering, University of Birmingham, 1990.


On leaving school Mary Taylor trained and worked as a medical physics technician in the NHS.  She began her undergraduate studies in the department of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham and qualified with an MEng in Materials Engineering in 1990. She combined her medical physics knowledge and practical experience with her degree subject during her PhD studies in the plasma-spraying of hydroxyapatite (the artificial bone mineral) for hip implants. She was awarded a PhD in 1995. 

Following this Mary turned her abilities to producing plasma-sprayed coatings for high temperature applications and has continued to work in that field ever since. She has investigated the effects of high temperature oxidation on the chemical failure of alloys substrates and coatings, development a technique and obtained measurements of the creep properties of coating materials and has developed a thermal barrier coating for use in corrosive environments.



  • Supervision on Final year projects

Postgraduate supervision

Supervision of final year undergraduates and postgraduates in testing and laboratory techniques for sample preparation



  • High Temperature oxidation of alloys and metallic coatings.


  • Oxidation of nickel-based superalloys, overlay and bond coats in thermal barrier coating systems.
  • Development of a chromia forming thermal barrier coating system.
  • Creep properties of metallic coatings

Other activities

  • Member of a UK-based Thermal Barrier Coatings Discussion Group
  • On the organising committee of the Conference entitled Microscopy of Oxidation


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