Dr Luke Brunning

Department of Philosophy
Teaching Fellow

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a teaching fellow in philosophy. My teaching and research centres on topics in ethics construed broadly and I have a particular interest in personal relationships.


  • DPhil - University of Oxford (2015)
  • MPhil - King’s College London (2011)
  • BA - King’s College London (2009)


Before joining the University of Birmingham, I was a British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in philosophy at the University of Oxford, and a Non-Stipendiary Fellow at Corpus Christi College where I taught ethics.


  • Moral Problems
  • Problems of Philosophy
  • Bodies and Beauty
  • Bioethics (Masters)
  • Global Bioethics (Masters)
  • Undergraduate Dissertation Supervision


I am interested in many aspects of ethics, moral psychology (including the philosophy of emotion), and political philosophy. Some of my past research includes the exploration of the ethical and emotional aspects of non-monogamy; our practices of blaming and ceasing to blame in contexts of oppression; and ambivalence, action, and structural ideals of mental life. My current project aims to challenge central aspects of the philosophy of sex and love literature as a response to taking asexuality seriously. In future work I hope to develop a normative account of romantic relationships.



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Book chapters

Brunning, L. 2018. Cultivating an Integrated Self, in Ethics and Self Cultivation: Historical Perspectives, Routledge, (eds.) Dennis, M. & Werkhoven: 174-96

Book reviews 

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