Professor John Mohan

Professor John Mohan

Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology
Professor of Social Policy
Director of the Third Sector Research Centre

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School of Social Policy
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2RT

John is a Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology, and is currently Director of the Third Sector Research Centre.


  • PhD 1983
  • BA 1979


John joined IASS in September 2013. He is currently Director of the Third Sector Research Centre ( – the first substantial investment by the ESRC and government into academic research on the third sector in the UK. He is a member of research advisory groups for the Institute for Volunteering Research and Home Start UK, and has acted as a Specialist Advisor to the Health Select Committee of the House of Commons. His academic background was initially in human geography and he held posts in that subject at the universities of Plymouth, London and Portsmouth before transferring to a chair in Social Policy at Southampton in 2005.


John currently contributes to the MA in Social Policy (specialist option on the third sector).

Postgraduate supervision

John supervises: 

  • Magda Zasada (2010-) Social enterprise approaches to health inequalities
  • Naomi Harflett (2010-) Lifecourse approaches to the study of volunteering
  • Vicki Bolton (2009-) – longitudinal studies of volunteering 
  • Anjelica Finnegan (2009-) policy towards volunteering, past and present’


John’s research currently focussed on the distinctive contribution of the third sector to society and economy in contemporary Britain. His work includes projects on: the development of large-scale databases on voluntary organisations, including registered charities, social enterprises, cooperatives and mutual; the geographical and sectoral distribution of these organisations including UK-wide comparisons and small-area analyses; long-run trends in the formation and survival of organisations; the pattern of funding, including the balance between public service provision and voluntary finance; and patterns of voluntary action and the relationship between voluntary action and social capital.

Recent / current / forthcoming research projects include:

Funded research projects

I have received over 30 awards from the Economic and Social Research Council, UK charitable organisations, government, European sources. The total value of these awards is c. £17Mn and the principal awards are broken down, by funder, here.

Economic and Social Research Council

15 awards in total, including:

  • 2015 (with D Kane (NCVO) Data resource construction for the third sector: open grantmaking and public procurement data (£210 000)  
  • (with D Kane, N Ockenden (NCVO) (invited application from ESRC’s Directed Knowledge exchange scheme) £250 000 to extend existing work on third sector databases
  • 2014  (with R Lindsey (PI), C Silver (CI) £200000 from Secondary Data Analysis Initiative Phase II, “Defining Mass Observation”
  • 2012 CI (with Jane Elliott (Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Institute of Education) for work on longitudinal studies of volunteering: evidence from the cohort studies (£94k)
  • CI  with Rose Lindsey (PI), Sarah Bulloch and Ros Edwards (all Southampton) Secondary Data Analysis initiative (linking qualitative secondary longitudinal data on volunteering to cross-sectional surveys (£200k);
  • 2008 £9.6Mn (coinvestigator with Pete Alcock (Birmingham) and Jeremy Kendall (Kent)) for establishment of the Third Sector Research Centre (2008-2013);
  • 2007 (with I Wilkinson, B Breeze, M Bond, B Sanghera) £497 000 (FEC: £398 000) from ESRC Charitable giving and philanthropy research centre for work on Charity and social redistribution (2008-13) (Principal investigator)
  • 2007 (with L Twigg) £97 000 (FEC: £78 000) from ESRC UPTAP Initiative (Exploring the Goodhart thesis at the local scale)(2007-8)(co-investigator)(final report  rated ‘Outstanding’ by ESRC)
  • 2002  Hospital contributory schemes and health insurance in Britain, 1945-2000 (£40000, with M Gorsky; rated “outstanding”).

Pre-2002: four awards.

Charitable Trusts

13 awards in total, including:

Leverhulme Trust

  • 2005 £17595 (Leverhulme personal research fellowship for work on social polarization, place and quality of life in Britain)
  • 2002 £46000 (with M Gorsky) Hospital contributory schemes and the coming of the NHS
  • 1998 £29000 (with M Gorsky, M Powell) Public-private mix for health in inter-war Britain
  • 1996 £54000 (with M Powell) Voluntary hospitals in the UK, 1891-1944

Wellcome Trust

  • 2007 £40000 (with M Gorsky) Research resources in medical history: Web access and database linkage for the British Voluntary Hospitals database; see

Northern Rock Foundation

  • 2007 (with K Wilding, O Reichardt, L Hems) £275 000 from Northern Rock Foundation (state of the voluntary and community sector in the Northern region – quantitative analyses) (Principal investigator)

Government / public sector

  • 2014 NIHR (£694k) (with J Glasby, D Davidson (HSMC) et al Role and effectiveness of community hospitals
  • 2005 (with A Pollock, J Shaoul, D Price) £85 000 from NHS Service Delivery and Organisation Programme (non-profit organizations and service delivery in health care)
  • 1999 (with L Twigg, K Jones) £92000 from Health Development Agency (social capital, place and health)
  • 1988 (with S Curtis et al) £25 000 from Health Development Agency (Mapping the epidemic: coronary heart disease mortality in English health authorities)
  • 1987 (with S Curtis, B Jarman, M Butts, et al) £27000 from DHSS (integrated analysis for the review of the Resource Allocation Working Party (RAWP) formula)

European Union

2013      2.5Mn Euros – consortium (led by ISF, Norway plus several partners) funded by FP7 programme, Impact of the third sector in Europe



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Refereed Journal Articles

Clifford, D, Geyne Rajme, F, and Mohan, J. (2013) 'Variations between organisations and localities in government funding of third sector activity: Evidence from the National Survey of Third Sector Organisations in England, Urban Studies, 50(5), 959-976.

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Contributions to edited collections

Mohan, J. (2012) Charity and social redistribution: the question of “charity deserts”, in Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy Philanthropy and a better society, (London: Alliance Publishing Trust), 51-55.

Mohan, J. (2011) Hospital policy in England and Wales: of what is the 1962 Hospital Plan a case? In Exworthy, M, Peckham, S, Powell, M and Hann, A (eds, 2011) Shaping health policy: case study methods and analysis (Bristol: Policy Press), 59-76.

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