Getting here and getting started

You may still have questions about how you take up your place at Birmingham this year. In this overview we aim to provide some clarity about our admissions process, and let you know who you can speak to if you have further questions. 

As announced by the Government in February 2021, assessment and exams will not go ahead for students due to take A levels in the UK in summer 2021. The Government has said that many exams and assessments cannot be held fairly this year as a result of the disruption students have faced due to the pandemic.

Your teachers will instead submit grades to the exam boards, based on their assessment of what you have shown you know and can do, enabling you to progress to the next stage of your education, training, or employment.

 For further information you can read the most up-to-date Government advice on how qualifications will be awarded in summer 2021.

A level results will be released as planned on 10 August 2021. If you have already been made an offer to study at the University of Birmingham then the terms of that offer still apply, and please be reassured that we continue to do everything we can to minimise the impact of the current situation on you coming to University.