Mason is located at the south of the Vale Village. It has 804 self-catered en suite rooms in five or six bed flats and 36 apartments with double beds which are suitable for couples. 

Bedroom 2
Key Information 
Accommodation Type(s)
  • En-suite, Self Catered
  • Studio Apartment Plus, Self-catered
Contract Length 42 weeks (23rd September 2019 to 12th July 2020)
Price (2020-21)

En-suite, Self Catered

  • Weekly cost: £163
  • Total cost: £6,784

Studio Apartment Plus, Self-catered

  • Weekly cost: £271
  • Total cost: £11,301
Village The Vale Village
Postal Address

Edgbaston Park Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2RQ (flats 1 - 68) and B15 2RU (flats 69 - 159)

Mason is situated towards the bottom of the Vale Village, and features alongside the Vale Lake. The accommodation was constructed a decade ago. The residence contains over 800 en-suite bedrooms in flats of five or six, all with large and spacious shared kitchens.

The blocks that Mason is comprised of also feature bike storage facilities and there is a number of adaptable and accessible rooms available here. For those that wish to have their own comprehensive living space, there is also a small number of Studio Apartments available.

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Disability access

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