Plant Science: from cells to environment

Second year Biological Sciences module

Dr Laura Vickers, Plant Biology Lecturer in the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham, describes the second year module Plant Science: from cells to environment which is available to students on our BSc Biological Sciences degree course.

Module BIO237 - Plant Sciences: from cells to environment

Plant science: cells to environment is a second year module which students can take following on from Plant science delivered in the first year. It can lead students on to two optional third year modules Plant sciences in the 21st century and Plant adaptations.

The module is delivered via lectures but also lots of lab practicals. In those lab practicals we will try to understand the mechanisms in which plants respond to stress. This module is assessed via in-course assessments and an end of year exam. The in-course assessment is the write-up of one at the lab practicals the students would have done and it is a unique opportunity for the students to have a go at designing and implementing an experiment, analyzing their data and then presenting their findings before they go on to do their projects in the third year.

In essence what students will learn from this module is how plants respond to a range a different environments, but not just at a cellular level but also at a whole organism level too.

20 Credits

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