Living in groups: collective behaviour in animals

Final year Biological Sciences and Human Biology module

Living in Groups: Collective Behaviour in Animals is an optional final year module taken by both our human biology and biology students.

BIO397 Living in groups: collective behaviour in animals - Module

It takes a more in depth look at how both the social and physical environment influences the ways in which group living animals behave.

We use a case study approach and look at both classical studies and more cutting edge research to examine how these animals work together as a group in their environment. We look at a range of species from insects to birds and mammals including primates, such as humans.

The module is taught by a number of lecturers all based here in the School of Biosciences and they often use examples from their own research to explain some of the concepts you will look at. The majority of the course is taught through lectures, together with group work components, including a workshop where you will learn to perform Social Network Analysis.

The in-course assessment component of this module takes the form of an online news piece for the general public, and then a poster designed for a conference as well as a two-minute flash presentation. The exam component of this module is essay-based questions and takes place at the end of the year. .

20 Credits

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