Plant Science in the 21st Century

Final year Biological Sciences module

Dr Laura Vickers, Plant Biology Lecturer in the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham, describes the optional third year module Plant Science in the 21st Century which is available to students on our BSc Biological Sciences degree course.

BIO398 Plant Science in the 21st Century - Module

Plant Science in the 21st Century is a third year module students can take that’s optional. It follows on from modules delivered in the first and the second year on plant science. This module is delivered via small group teaching, delivered through lots of workshops and classroom-based activities.

This model is assessed using an end of year exam and also in-course assessments. The in-course assessments is a scientific paper comprehension task and also a presentation that’s done in groups. In the module Plant Science in the 21st Century students will be learning about new technologies in plant science within the last couple of decades and how these have been applied to real-life problems.

They'll be learning about techniques such as genome-wide association studies which are an important technology that is used in plant breeding. You'll also learn about it the new technologies that have advanced our understanding of plant science to give us the green revolution that we know of today.

20 Credits

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