Introduction to Evolution and Animal Biology

First year Biological Sciences and Human Biology module

This module examines how evolutionary principles shape and influence animal adaptation and diversity by exploring an essential subset of animal taxa. You will learn how the concept of evolution influences current thinking beyond the realms of biology.

BIO145 Introduction to Evolution and Animal Biology - Module

The first year module Evolution and Animal Biology is taken by our BSc Biological Sciences and BSc Human Biology students. It covers all of evolution, introducing the major concepts from the history of evolutionary thought through speciation, adaptation, human evolution and animal behaviour, and includes the genetics underpinning evolution, and then develops some of those ideas into looking at the specific adaptations of animals, such as birds and insects, to their environment.

The course is taught by lecturers who are experts in their field, and is assessed by a series of formative assessments, that's just to give you feedback, and summative assessments during the course taking the form of tests and practical write-ups, and a final exam at the end of the year.

If you're excited and interested in this course there are second and third year modules in both environmental areas, but also in the medical-focussed molecular areas that build on the material that we've taught you in this course.

20 Credits

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