Funding Science

This module is intended to provide in-depth training in the skills required to gain funding for research. Students will participate in a 2-day workshop designed to develop their entrepreneurial and business skills in a scientific context and to learn about funding of scientific research. They will work in teams to develop either a grant application or a business plan in their chosen research areas. Students will develop their skills at acquiring, organising, processing and critically evaluating information, through planning and articulating a detailed written grant proposal or business plan.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Plan a programme of work, either as a business plan or to answer a hypothesis in a grant proposal
  • Participate effectively in group work
  • Present current research at a level that is appropriate for different audiences
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of research principles and methodologies applicable to bioscience including experimental planning, execution and analysis of results and the development of detailed research plans for project work including the development of a grant application/business plan style report
Lay & Scientific Summary
Grant Proposal