Molecular Biology and its Applications

This second-year core module will build on first-year training and aims to develop an understanding of molecular biology, its empirical bases, and its applications in modern biological science. The module will: Introduce advanced techniques in molecular biology; Develop an understanding of the diverse applications of this technology across the range of the Biological Sciences; Provide hands-on experience of basic cloning and molecular biology techniques; Provide experience of more advanced techniques through computer-simulation; Give experience of student-based learning through the use of a computer-based practical; Build a sound theoretical basis on which teaching in the second and third years can build in all areas of biology.

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Understand how the basic techniques in genetic cloning can be applied to solve a variety of simple cloning problems
  • Devise simple experiments to identify, clone and analyse a bacterial, animal or plant gene
  • Understand the impact of genomics, on our understanding of gene function
  • explain using examples how molecular biotechnology can be applied to diverse applications such as studying populations, DNA fingerprinting, medicine, forensics, environmental monitoring, argonomics and diagnosis of genetic disease
  • be able to work with the types of data associated with molecular biology