Dissertation Examples

At Birmingham you will be taught by staff with global expertise. You will be supported by an academic supervisor to pursue your own anthropological interests and to design an original research project for your final year dissertation.

Examples from 2019-2020:

  • Death in the city: death, rituals and modernity
  • The Role of Femininity in the lives of Feminine Transgender Women: A Case Study in Britain 
  • Empowering Education? Girls in transition: NGOs, education and empowerment in Eastern Chad
  • Homelessness and Housing in Britain
  • Sceptic Celtic: Contested Constructions of Authenticity in Cornwall
  • Brexit as a Turning Point: an investigation into student Remainers and neoliberal hegemony 
  • ‘This Is My Religion’: Identity, Belonging, and Community at Blackpool Football Club 
  • Indigenous tourism: Revival, Reconciliation and Resistance in Ottawa
  • Are Fandoms a Religion? An exploration of the individual, community, and material culture in Star Trek fandom
  • Does South Africa truly have equal rights for LGBT citizens? A political analysis of the history and treatment of the South African LGBT Community
  • Odd Convergences: How liberal, radical, and conservative thinkers agree on UK sex work policy

Examples from 2020-2021:

  • Navigating A ‘Knotty Affair’: The Women of Rastafari using Reggae as a Site for Lyrical Resistance  
  • Creatives and Developers: Regeneration and development in inner city Birmingham.
  • Northern Ireland’s Fragile Peace: How Sectarianism Continues to Define Identities, and the Pace of Change Within the Good Friday Agreement Generation
  • Conforming to Beauty: Anxieties and Aspirations amongst young women in the UK 
  • Exclusion, Inequality and Segregation in São Paulo: Middle Class Attitudes and Urban Poor Resistance
  • Between Nigeria and Italy: Female Experiences of Migration  
  • In the Shadow of the Palm: Green Imperialism and Indonesian Palm Oil 
  • The experiences of Ghanaian musicians in the ‘world music’ industry.
  • Identity, marginality, nationalism: a perspective on the identities and marginality of Malay women in the Thai south.
  • Class, Covid 19 & White-Collar Work: Scales of Privilege in Professional Industries 
  • The True Cost of Crude Oil in the Niger Delta: MOSOP and the Ogoni
  • Studying a Migrant Community: An Ethnographic Study of the Role of the  Family, Religion and Social Media in Birmingham’s Polish Community.
  • “This is my island. I own it”: An exploration of how ‘native’ Londoners and Lebanese migrants shape their ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ identities, and how factors such as Brexit have influenced their conceptions of ‘home’
  • Double Lives, Secrets, and Identities: An ethnographic perspective on socio- cultural tensions faced by British South Asian Youth
  • An Intersectional Analysis of the Marginalisation of Black women in Social Justice Movements in the United States of America
  • Narratives of The Displaced: Identity Formation Among Second-Generation Iranians Living in the UK
  • Nation and Narrative: Decolonising Memory and the Remaking of Belgium