African Studies and Social Anthropology final year modules


  • 40 credits

In this module, students will identify a topic that is of interest of them and which is appropriate to their chosen degree subject. The Dissertation should be a culmination of the enquiry-based learning that has been developed in the course of their degree programme, and as such students are expected learner independence, whilst being supported by members of academic staff and by their peers.  Students will plan and execute work that culminates in a Dissertation of 10,000 words. The successful completion of a Dissertation will allow students to demonstrate the following skills which are transferable to employment or further study:

Project planning

Time management

Information selection, retrieval and storage (using ICT where appropriate)

Responding positively to feedback

Written communication

Editing and presenting a substantial piece of work (using ICT where appropriate).

Examples of third year optional modules (if not taken in second year)

20 credits each.

  • Kinship, Gender and Sexuality
  • Anthropology of Islam
  • African Popular Culture 
  • Ethnographies of the Marginalised
  • Urban Anthropology
  • Political Anthropology
  • Religion & Ritual 
  • Social Life of the Economy 
  • Atlantic Slavery: West Africa and the Caribbean
  • Anthropology of Migration
  • Anthropology of Tomorrow
  • Anticolonial, Postcolonial, Decolonial
  • Development in Africa
  • From Colony to Nation: Ghana 1987-1966