Drama and Theatre Arts second year modules

Compulsory modules

Performance Lab

This module will investigate a range of post-dramatic performance conventions including approaches to developing performance text, deconstruction of the dramatic, task-based performance, collage, and the role of the audience as frameworks for the making of contemporary performance. The emphasis will be on workshop exploration informed by the theories and practice of leading post-dramatic performance companies such as the Wooster Group, Forced Entertainment, and Goat Island.

Texts in Rehearsal

Theatre Praxis aims to develop your practical, conceptual and creative skills as a theatre-maker by giving you the opportunity to explore and apply theories and practices of dramaturgy. The module will help you develop ways to approach the staging of a text through performance, using a specific playtext to work on.

The taught element of the module involves a group exploration of context, and the application of appropriate methodologies to the set playtext. Through textual analysis and dramaturgical processes, practical exploration, the development of appropriate rehearsal techniques and a consideration for mise-en-scène, you will be guided through the process of preparing a text for performance. Each week will involve you doing online pre-sessional research and work, either individually or in companies, towards the creation of a group performance that stages an extract or an abridged version of the set playtext.

Theatre Crafts

The module builds on skills and knowledge developed by students at level C. Students specialise in one area of theatre production; Stage Technologies, Design or Stage Management. Whilst developing skills taught in the previous year, the students will be taught and assessed working on performance events, and on specific practical and theoretical project work.

Optional modules (may include) 

Drama Practical Options (students choose 1) 

  • Approaches to Acting
  • Immersions and Interactivity in Performance

Drama Study Options (students choose 2)

  • British Theatre
  • Politics, Crisis and Performance