Drama and Theatre Arts final year modules

Compulsory modules

Drama Extended Essay 

The extended essay is an original inquiry into a closely defined aspect of Drama and Theatre Arts.

Drama Practical Project

Students will work on an independent (non-performance) or group practical performance project, applying a clearly researched dramaturgical concept and/or professionally-informed approach to practice (in the case of stage management), which underpins the chosen methodology of performance, technical or stage management project. 

Optional modules (may include)

Drama Study Options (students choose 2) 

  • 21st Century British Theatre: New Writing

  • Adaptation

  • European Theatre and Performance: 1960 - present

  • Gender in Theatre and Performance: The Queerest Art

  • Multimedia Beckett 

  • Performing Classic Comedy

  • Playwright's Theatre

  • Russian Theatre and Revolution: Realism and Estrangement 

  • Tell, Don't Show: The Theatre of Tim Crouch 

  • The Art of the Actor 

  • Victorian Drama

  • Live Art and Contemporary Performance

  • Performing Hamlet

  • The Creative Industries

Drama Practical Options (students choose 2) 

  • Theatre Crafts

  • Applied Theatre

  • Contemporary Practice

  • Site-specific Performance

  • Acting

  • Directing

  • Playwriting

  • Curating Performance

  • Performance Project 


Production Module