English Literature and Digital Media and Communications year 2 modules

Students choose 120 credits of optional modules.  Credits must be balanced evenly across semesters.
Students must take a minimum of 2 English Literature and 2 Digital Media and Communications modules.

Optional modules (may include)

English Literature

  • Shakespeare: Elizabethan
  • Shakespeare: Jacobean
  • Gothic
  • Imagined Worlds: Genre Fiction and Popular Culture
  • Literature 1950-Present
  • Restoration and Revolution
  • Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature
  • Popular Fiction Before the Novel
  • Reading the Renaissance
  • Earliest English
  • Literature and the Environment
  • Colonial/Postcolonial
  • The Social Life of Literature
  • Our Digital World
  • Rags and Riches
  • Aspects of Modernism
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Victorian Literature

Digital Media and Communications

  • Media, Culture and Identity
  • Global Media
  • Applied Creative Practice
  • Data Skills for a Digital World
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language Education and Literacy
  • Stylistics
  • Film Theory and Criticism
  • Aesthetics of Television
  • Independent Filmmaking Practices
  • Film Genre