English Literature and Digital Media and Communications final year modules

Compulsory modules

English Literature Dissertation

Digital Media and Communications Project

Students will then choose 80 credits of optional modules and must complete a minimum of 40 credits in both English Literature and Digital Media and Communications.  

Optional modules (may include)

English Literature

  • From Plato to the Postmodern: Theories of Literature and Art
  • Hidden Romanticism
  • Interactivity: The Theory and Practice of Getting Stuck In
  • Last Year's Novels
  • Remembering World War One
  • The Art of Translation
  • Literature at Sea: 1851 to present
  • Multiple Voices: New York City Poetics, 1960-1985
  • Orwell's Books: Writing Politics, Resisting Tyranny
  • Politics and Terror in the Age of Revolutions
  • Shakespeare's Afterlives
  • Writing/Painting
  • Sustainable Development: Climate, Culture, Society and Policy
  • Bringing Out the Bodies: Technology, Transhumans and Skin
  • Fantasy and Fandom: writing back to the medieval in modern fantasy
  • Islamophobia and the Novel
  • Jane Austen's Fiction
  • Literary Ecologies: Environmental Crisis in American Writing
  • The Pre-Raphaelite Circle
  • Chaucer: Key Works
  • Daphne du Maurier: Horror, Romance & Obsession
  • Making Global Literatures in Britain
  • Shakespeare's Tragedies
  • Single Author: Virginia Woolf
  • The Figure of the Witch: Witch Writings c. 1400-1700
  • Professional Skills
  • Professional Skills - Freelance

Digital Media and Communications

  • Professional Skills
  • Professional Skills – Freelance
  • Adaptation: Theory and Practice
  • Animal Communication and Language Evolution
  • Authorship Analysis
  • Creative Non Fiction
  • Discourse and Society
  • Film and Television Authorship
  • Narratives Across Media
  • Podcasting
  • Screen Performance