English Language and Literature second year modules

Compulsory modules

Structure of English

Structure of English extends the study of two core areas of linguistics: Grammar and Phonetics and Phonology. Students will study both disciplines in detail, building on the foundational work from year one. Students will develop in-depth knowledge of how to analyse language according to its grammatical properties, and develop an understanding of how we can classify and study the sounds of a language. These skills will then be applied in many of the option modules taken elsewhere on the programme.


This module introduces stylistics as an approach to the study of literary and other creative texts. Stylistics focuses in close detail on language in order to ask questions about how those texts work and what it is that makes them distinctive or effective. This module explores a wide range of texts – poems, novels, plays, advertising, television – and encourages students to make use of a set of linguistic tools to help understand the workings of those texts.

Optional modules (may include)

English Language Options 

  • Discourse Analysis
  • Data Skills for a Digital World
  • History of the English Language
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Language Education and Literacy
  • Sociolinguistics

English Literature Options

  • Shakespeare: Elizabethan
  • Shakespeare: Jacobean
  • Gothic
  • Imagined Worlds: Genre Fiction and Popular Culture
  • Literature 1950-Present
  • Restoration and Revolution
  • Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature
  • Popular Fiction Before the Novel
  • Reading the Renaissance
  • Earliest English
  • Literature and the Environment
  • Colonial/Postcolonial
  • The Social Life of Literature
  • Our Digital World
  • Rags and Riches
  • Aspects of Modernism
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Victorian Literature