LLB for Graduates Second Year Land Law

Land Law

The Land Law module is designed to deliver a thoughtful and critical account of the legal issues generated by English Property Law as it relates to Real Property. This may include an examination of the following aspects:

  • fundamental concepts of Real Property such as Property and Land;
  • the relationship between Law and Equity;
  • tenure;
  • estates and interests in land, and the importance of the property legislation of 1925;
  • priority of title;
  • the defects of the unregistered title to land system;
  • registration of title to land, and the importance of the Land Registration Act 2002;
  • freeholds;
  • leaseholds;
  • licences to use land;
  • the trust of land and co-ownership;
  • mortgages;
  • freehold and leasehold covenants;
  • adverse possession;
  • proprietary estoppel;
  • easements.