Applied Teaching and Coaching: Swimming



Year three

Students will be involved in practical and theoretical sessions as they increase their knowledge and understanding of principles and practice in the activity area of swimming. They will examine national curriculum key stage requirements, issues of safety, analysis of water confidence skills, stroke improvement techniques and other aquatic skills. Through reciprocal and small group teaching, they will develop skills of planning, observation and analysis, teaching and evaluating of swimming. In addition, students will undertake a practical coaching situation for a sustained period of time. The practical situation is contextualised within the broader structures of the Amateur Swimming Association Governing Body in terms of breadth of provision and teacher/coach development schemes. The students will undertake weekly planning, teaching and evaluating tasks, alongside reflection on their personal and professional development emerging through this module.

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Understand the principles of swimming within physical education, and the national curriculum requirements across key stages;
  • Develop knowledge of skills and progressions in water confidence, strokes and aquatic skills;
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to observation of the swimming teaching/learning situation;
  • Develop skills of planning, teaching and evaluating in the swimming-pool context;
  • Plan and evaluate weekly practical sessions for small groups of children;
  • Critically reflect on personal and professional development every week;
  • Synthesise the skills required for successful teaching/coaching in the pool situation.


Lectures, seminars, practical workshops, guided independent study


Practical Teaching/Coaching - Practical, summative assessment