Bridging the Gap: Developing Skills for Practice


Year Two

20 Credits

In this module, students will build on their foundational clinical skills developed to this point by applying them in a series of immersive clinical simulations which add contextual and human factors to the performance of basic physiotherapy assessment and treatment skills in a range of clinical settings.
Students will work in small groups to prepare for, complete and reflect on weekly simulations, which use different approaches to simulation pedagogy to create safe environments for practice experimentation as a bridge to them going out on clinical placements. Simulations will incorporate broader aspects of practice such as writing notes, interprofessional collaboration and communication with families and carers. Students will encounter simulation scenarios reflecting the diversity of clinical practice and wider society, requiring them to adapt and refine their clinical skills and approach to provide person-centred and equitable care.
The module has a key focus on debriefing as a learning tool to understand and challenge students' clinical reasoning, build resilience, facilitate critical self-reflection and consider how evidence informs practice. Students will develop skills in peer feedback, clinical reflection and their ability to learn from practice experiences and these will form the basis of the module assessment.



Coursework and Learning Action Plan for Placement