Clinical Physiotherapy Skills


Year One

20 Credits

This modules introduces students to a number of basic clinically-oriented skills that underpin physiotherapy assessment and management. In developing these skills, the module also provides students with an opportunity to consider professional consideration in applying such skills. The module has a strong practical focus and students practice manual skills used clinically to assess impairment (e.g. range of movement measurement and strength testing) and broader assessment skills that focus on activity limitations (e.g. walking). It introduces students to the subjective assessment process where students will consider how practitioners gain the information they require as part of overall patient management. The module also provides an introduction to clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice. In developing the student’s rudimentary practical-based knowledge and skills, the module provides a scaffold for other clinically-focused modules that aim to prepare students for practice-based education in more specific settings.


Practical assessment, 20 mins (50%)
Presentation, 15 mins (50%)
No compensation between components


Repeat components as required
Practical assessment (50%)
Presentation (50%)