Complex Integrated Care



Year Three

This module is designed to explore issues contributing to complexity within clinical practice such as the impact of long term conditions, co-morbidities, and evolving roles where extended scope skills may be relevant within a framework of patient-centred and evidence-based practice. Complexity science and clinical reasoning theory will be applied to the management of complex presentations as students undertake an enquiry-based learning approach applied to complex patient/client presentations which challenge their clinical reasoning, prioritisation and decision making skills.

Students will be encouraged to develop critical use of research evidence and directives to support patient-centred and best practice. Cases will reflect contemporary physiotherapy practice, exploring the potential for innovation and leadership when managing complex clinical presentations. Evaluation of how physiotherapy may contribute to public health and enhancement of well-being will also be considered. 


  • Oral presentation of a given case, focused on physiotherapy management (10 minutes) followed by 10 minutes of answering questions justifying the management plan 
  • Written assignment (1500 words) comprising a letter to the GP reporting on outcome of case management meeting.