Development of Teaching and Coaching



Year Three

20 Credits

In this module, students will use their prior learning in the fields of coaching and sport sciences to construct and deliver a series of coaching sessions for an individual golfer. Working in small groups, students will carry out a multi-disciplinary needs analysis of a golfer through the collection and analysis of appropriate player data. This will then be used to produce a holistic coaching plan to meet the golfer's needs.

Students will then deliver a series of live coaching sessions for the golfer based upon this plan, with the dual aim of developing the performance of the golfer whilst also reflecting upon the effectiveness of their coaching practice. To facilitate these aims, module delivery will engage students with the multi-disciplinary nature of coaching and performance and with the development of effective reflective processes that allow them to critique their current coaching practice.


Lectures, Practical Classes and workshops, Guided independent study


Coaching Plan - Group submission 
Reflective Journal