Equipment Technology



Year One

Modern day working practices require people working within the golf industry to understand and meet the required legislation laid down for the health and safety of employees and the public alike.

It is important that students understand forces and implications of a golf shot impact in the golf club, ball and the shaft during the golf swing; as well as the consequences of an off centre strike.  With so much marketing publicity available, it is essential that students are able to see through the marketing “hype”.

More recently with the introduction of new materials into the construction process it is important that an employee within the golf industry has knowledge of materials, construction processes and how they can influence performance and a club’s playability.  This module focuses on clubhead designs, their influence on performance and the requirements of the golfing authorities relating to design and construction as well as latest industry trends within the ET sector.

An ability to apply practical skills is required and students will learn how to work with golf clubs, to customise, build and repair them working within the constraints of design and governing body regulations and health and safety regulations.


Lectures, seminars, practical classes/workshopsdemonstrations, guided independent study


One 2,500 word assignment(40%), One 2 hour un-seen examination (50%) and One practical workshop class test (10%)