Functional Anatomy


  • MSci Physiotherapy 
  • Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences BSc (Hons)


Year One

20 Credits

This module provides a comprehensive introduction to functional anatomy for Physiotherapy and Sport Exercise and Health Science students as a foundation for advanced study in subsequent years. Students studying this module will develop their knowledge of the musculoskeletal anatomy of the upper limb, lower limb and spine alongside knowledge of basic human biomechanics and will apply this knowledge in the context of understanding functional movement and exercise. The module is structured using a flipped-classroom model, with pre-recorded videos, self-paced tutorials and quizzes that introduce new anatomical and biomechanical content provided each week in preparation for face to face practical and lecture sessions in which the knowledge is applied. In the weekly practical sessions students work in small groups to complete practical tasks involving movement, basic palpation and surface marking. Lecture sessions include weekly video movement analysis activities, sessions supporting the learning of anatomy and opportunities to recap and progress concepts and knowledge from the flipped content.


Class Test 
Exam (Computer Based )