Integrated Physiotherapy Practice


Year Three

20 Credits

This module is designed to explore issues contributing to complexity within clinical practice using a blended-learning approach to enhance and support reasoning skills. In-depth consideration will be given to the impact of long-term conditions and co-morbidities where integrated care across specialisms and multi-disciplinary teams maybe required. Complexity science and clinical reasoning theory will be applied to the management of a number of complex case scenarios across the module. Cases will reflect contemporary physiotherapy practice and explore the role of the physiotherapist across different specialities (mental health, paediatrics, palliative care) and how the profession may contribute to public health and the enhancement of wellbeing. Varied learning opportunities (peer-supervision, simulation, lectures from clinical specialists and interprofessional education) will be provided alongside guided independent study to support the development of reasoning skills required for independent practitioners. Students will consider changing paradigms within physiotherapy and encouraged to develop critical use of research evidence and directives to support patient-centred and best practice. 


Clinical reasoning presentation, 20 mins (75%)
Written coursework, 1000 words (25%)