Integrating Technology into Professional Custom Fitting


  • BSc Applied Golf Management Studies


Year Two

The basic process for custom fitting a player is essentially the same, irrespective of the club type. However, the Custom Fitter must understand the variables that apply when fitting a player for different clubs - such as drivers, wedges and putters.

Throughout the module students will learn about the different design features of a wide range of golf equipment and their influence on performance.

Modern technology may allow more in-depth analysis and applications of the information gathered when carrying out a custom fit. Through developing an understanding of modern analysis equipment, the data it produces and its relevance and accuracy, students will have the opportunity to critically evaluate, compare and contrast data from different systems.

This module also introduces students to a number of custom fitting and customisation techniques to develop their understanding of the subject and current practices.

Together, all of this will provide Students with the opportunity to become competent club fitters and make relevant and sound recommendations.


Lecture, Seminar, Practical Classes, Guided independent study


2000 word essay (50%)
2 hour written examination (50%)