Introduction to Golf Coaching and Sports Science


  • BSc Applied Golf Management Studies


Year One

The module introduces several aspects of sports science focused on movement and performance. The main principles and theories within these areas will be studied. Students will also have the opportunity to recognise the value of each area of study when applied to the enhancement of coaching and sporting performance, in particular within the sport of golf.
Students will be introduced to a coaching framework which will support their coach development, and allow them to coach a variety of golf shots from a player centred perspective.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Identify muscles, joints, contraction types and movements used during the during the golf swing.
  • Identify the key aspects of sports science in delivering coaching to differing standards and ages of golfer.
  • Describe the elements of an effective coaching framework used for player development.
  • Identify how the elements of a coaching framework interact to support the analysis of ball flights and techniques employed to hit various golf shots.
  • Explain how the various elements of the coaching framework can be applied to a range of golfers and a variety of golf shots.


Coursework (50%), Exam (50%)