Marketing for Golf Businesses



Year One

Ultimately, employment in the golf industry depends on participation in golf (either as a player or a spectator) and the resulting demand for golf related goods and services.  Thus, for everyone involved in working in golf, growing the game is important.  Owners and managers of golf businesses, therefore, need to: a) understand the factors that determine this demand and; b) be able to employ strategies to influence existing golfers to participate in golf more frequently and potential golfers to engage with the game. 

This module, therefore, will provide an introduction to the nature and structure of the golf industry (both nationally and internationally) including consideration of emerging themes and trends.  It also focuses on the basic principles of marketing in a golf business context.  As the golf industry becomes more competitive, these principles apply to all golfing establishments whether large; small; public; private or proprietary.  By introducing students to the key issues and theories the intention is to demonstrate how they apply within the golf market and to provide a basis for their future careers in the industry.


Lectures, guided independent study


2,000 word assignment  (50%), Exam (50%)