Moral Behaviour & Doping in Sport & Exercise


Year Three

20 Credits

This module will examine moral behaviour (i.e., a collective term representing actions that have either positive or negative repercussions for others) and doping (i.e., use of illicit image and performance enhancing substances and methods) in sport and exercise. We will consider individual difference and social-environmental factors that may lead athletes to act in a prosocial or antisocial manner when they take part in sport, as well as the consequences of such actions for the recipient. With respect to doping, psychological predictors of doping in sport and exercise will be discussed including aesthetic (i.e., body image) and performance (i.e., strength, power, and endurance) motives. Relevant contemporary theory and research will be discussed, and interventions aimed at promoting prosocial and reducing antisocial behaviour (including doping) will be critically evaluated. In sum, this module will integrate theory and evidence from a range of relevant disciplines to develop students' knowledge and understanding on key modern-day issues relevant to moral behaviour and doping in physical activity contexts.


Coursework - Poster