Motor Control in Sport



Year three

The way complex movements such as sport skills are coordinated has been the object of research for nearly a century. The large theoretical background is well established. However, its applications to sport movements remain a challenge. Two main issues are addressed. Firstly, the integration of different theories and difference sub-disciplines, e.g. motor control and biomechanics is necessary for a holistic approach to complex movements. Secondly scientific evidence-based recommendations are not always available. The challenge is therefore to be able to draw the lines between different levels of knowledge. LH Motor Control in Sport. Sport skills are used as examples to support the analyses of applications of Motor Control in sporting context.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Present and critically analyse the current literature in Motor Control in Sport
  • Integrate theory, practice and research in the work-based context, demonstrating appropriate application of theory in sport contexts
  • Analyse a case study and present how movements can be improved.


Lectures, seminars


Written assignment
Final Examination