Patient-centred Physiotherapy Practice


Year Two

20 Credits

This module will aim to prepare students for their first experience of practising as a physiotherapist, introducing a patient-centred model of practice as a framework for ‘Becoming a Physiotherapist’. The context of healthcare will be explored with reference to professional regulation and standards, defining the expectation of a registered healthcare professional, and students will be challenged to examine their own professional values and behaviour. Practical skills underpinning ability to work effectively and professionally with patients, carers, and other staff members, centred on effective empathic communication and good working relationships, will be developed through simulation activities involving role play with actors. A strong theme will focus on developing greater understanding of diversity within our communities and an ability to respond sensitively and with respect to the needs of others.


Portfolio, 1500 words
Communication Skills Exam, 15 mins 


Resubmit portfolio
Resit Exam