Physical Activity and Health


  • Sport and Exercise Sciences BSc (Hons), Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Science BSc (Hons)


Year One

20 Credits

This module will provide students with a basic understanding of organ function and an appreciation of the role of physical activity in the maintenance of health and prevention of chronic disease. It will also cover basic approaches to the measurement of physical activity and health. Students will acquire an understanding of the main issues related to research in Sport and Exercise Sciences including research design and basic statistics and will gain experience in collecting data. Students will also gain experience in collecting and analysing physical activity and health-related data.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Understand the role of physical activity in the prevention and/or treatment of common chronic diseases
  • Understand the definition of physical activity, its measurement and the recommendations.
  • Understand the relationship between physical activity level and health
  • Develop an understanding of research designs used in physical activity research
  • Gain practical experience of methods to measure physical activity levels and markers of health and be able to report data from these methods using basic word processing and spreadsheet/graphical software. 


Coursework (50%), Exam (50%)