Politics and Sport



Year three

This module explores the key political issues and controversies of sport in contemporary society. The study of sport cuts across many critical issues and core themes including the meaning of sport, the politics of sport, approaches to the study of sport, the commercialisation of sport (in particular sponsors, owners and promoters), global sport (e.g. the Olympic Games), the instrumentalisation of sport for political purposes (including studying other countries and their sports systems), sports policy processes in the UK, sports development and the leveraging of sports mega-events for social, economic, political and reputational benefits.

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • discuss the meaning and function of sport in (different) society (ies)
  • Discuss critically political issues and controversies in sport
  • identify the key approaches and key concepts in the study of sport and politics
  • Understand the manner in which sport is used as a political resource and the instrumentalisation of sport for political purposes
  • Comprehend the importance of sport in society and its relationship to politics, economics and the media


Lectures, seminars


written assignment, examination