Principles of Sport Business Management


  • BSc Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Science

Year One

This module provides a broad introduction to the principles and fundamentals of business management and their practical application to sport. The module has been written to be suitable for students studying sport management within business-focussed courses, as well as students seeking an overview of sport management principles within sport science or physical education courses.

The module covers core management principles and provides an overview of the sport management environment, strategic management, operations management, human resource management, organisational culture, financial management, marketing, and governance.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Discuss the environment in which sport organisations operate and analyse key theories relating to the strategic management process.
  • Analyse the key concepts that underpin operations management and human resource management within sport organisations.
  • Explain the key tools and concepts that can be used to manage the finances and marketing activity of a sport organisation.
  • Analyse the various models and theories of governance relevant to sport organisations.


Coursework - assignment, group presentation