Professional Dissertation


Year Three

This module gives students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills, to an authentic challenge, in collaboration with a community organisation. Students will undertake a minimum of 150 hours voluntary placement work within a sport or exercise setting. Students will be introduced to the principles of becoming enterprising and active citizens as they work on collaborative projects, Students will work in small groups with the organisation to identify a mutually interesting challenge and design an appropriate project. This could be research on an area of concern, evaluating existing provision, or designing resources for the organisation, for example. The group will then conduct the project and create one multimedia presentation summarising their findings and recommendations.

As individuals, students will produce an executive report for the organisation, summarising their project, findings and recommendations. They will also complete a learning plan and a short personal reflection interview.


Learning plan (5%)
Self-reflection (10%)
Multimedia presentation (15%)
Individual executive-style report –12 pages of A4 (70%)