Scientific and Professional Communication


  • BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
  • MSci Physiotherapy


Year One

20 Credits

This module will support students to develop their skills in scientific and professional communication, through an immersion in the school research environment. Students will hear presentations from research experts in the School, and how our work connects to global challenges, as well as exploring specific research areas with their personal tutors. They will develop their group presentation skills, essay writing skills, and professional advocacy. To support their coursework, they will critically examine existing examples of effective written and oral practice and use this insight to develop their own skills. The module includes experience in self- and peer-assessment, responding to feedback, plagiarism, and referencing.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Work in a group to produce an effective recorded presentation for an academic audience
  • Write an effective short essay for an academic audience
  • Understand key areas of research that contribute to global challenges
  • Write a short piece of written advocacy for a professional setting


Group presentation