Small Business and Entrepreneurship



Year three

The aim of this module is to provide a solid conceptual and analytical understanding of small business and entrepreneurship. Lectures and small group teaching will allow students to discuss and critically evaluate key theories and understandings of small businesses and entrepreneurial firms. The module is split across two semesters. In the first semester, the focus is on the entrepreneurial development of new firms and in the second semester, the focus shifts to analytically developing understandings of business growth and wider issues in entrepreneurship.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the differences between small and large businesses in terms of uncertainty, employment, innovation.
  • explain the different conceptual approaches and models that underlie entrepreneurial processes and outcomes;
  • critically analyse empirical data and key readings;
  • critically evaluate evidence and identify its strategic implications for small business and entrepreneurship practice


Lectures, seminars


Written assignment, examination, group presentation