The Golf Industry in the 21st Century



Year One

This module aims to develop students understanding of the place and role of the golf industry within a historical, social and economic context – and how this influences individuals (i.e. consumers and customers) and organisations to engage with the game, and ultimately to ‘create’ the golf industry. Within a UK context, the development of the game has been key to broadening the industry on an international scale – highlighted by the inclusion of the game in the 2016 Olympic games – and an industry that is globally worth billions of dollars. Understanding the context of this growth and development is central to the future of the industry.

This module will locate the game through an exploration and analysis of its socio-historical development, as well as the contexts that most affect participation – and what influences the growth and development of the game (and the influence of concepts like social class; gender; ethnicity; ableism; sporting socialisation; globalisation and other economic aspects of golf as leisure). Further, a wide ranging perspective of the governance of golf will evaluate the political dimensions of the game and how it is evolving, changing and adapting to economic developments in the UK and across the world as many new emerging golf nations appear.


Lectures, seminars, discussions and debates


2,000 word assignment (50%), 2 hour unseen examination (50%)