Wider Perspectives in Practice



Year Three

The module gives students the opportunity to explore physiotherapy provision within non-standard contexts of practice.  Students will undertake some initial university-based learning where consideration of the diversity of healthcare services within the UK will enable a comparison with international health care systems. This will include exploring the contribution of independent, 3rd sector and non-governmental organisations to population health and well-being. Professional issues addressing implications of working in such settings will be considered, such as developing cultural competence, managing risk, blurred professional boundaries and multiagency working.

Students will have the opportunity to select a setting to undertake such a non-standard practice placement experience as a 4 week elective, organised by themselves. This will be followed by a full time 5 week standard placement giving students the opportunity to critically evaluate the diversity of skills necessary for practising as a registered physiotherapist with a developing awareness of the future potential of physiotherapy provision.  


  1. Elective portfolio documenting planning, organising and reflection on experience of elective placement – 2500 words 
  2. Mark derived from Practice Placement 4 Assessment Form (pass/fail)
  3. Poster presentation
  4. Mark derived from Practice Placement 5 Assessment Form