Environmental Sciences

Academic study of the environment, whether at a global, national or local scale, has evolved rapidly in recent years, and there has never been a greater impetus to understand and resolve complex environmental issues. Environmental scientists study interactions between physical, chemical and biological processes in the environment, and their application to the resolution of environmental problems.

Our portfolio of modules across our degree programmes is incredibly varied and intellectually stimulating – which is why we give you the opportunity to choose what you want to study and specialise in the areas that most interest you. In fact, our degrees are among the most flexible anywhere.

Although preparing academically is important, the most vital skill a Environmental Science student can have is a passion for the subject. The resources listed below will help develop your geographic curiosity before arriving at university:

Free E-books

1 - Introduction to Environmental Science

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Read chapter 1 and 2 then select 3 chapters of your choice to read.

2 - Introduction to Environmental Science: 2nd Edition

Read chapter 1 then your selection of chapters on renewable energy, air pollution, water and climate change.

Short Videos

1- What is Environmental Science? Definition and Scope of the Field

2- AP Environmental Science: A series of short videos on some major aspects of Environmental Science across different themes. Useful for building capacity for fundamental knowledge on a broad spectrum of Environmental issues.  

Open-source PDF

What is happening to our environment and how have we responded?

Start reading from page 4 of the document.

Worth adding to your library

(not compulsory-approximate price on Amazon)

Approx £8: Carson, R. 2000. Silent Spring. Penguin Modern Classics.

Approx £14: McNeill, J.R. 2001. Something new under the sun: an environmental history of the 20th Century. Penguin Books.

Approx £4: Bowler, PJ. 1992. The Fontana history of the Environmental Sciences. Fontana Press.