Birmingham's global profile

The University of Birmingham has welcomed international students since 1900. Today we have one of the largest international student communities in the UK with over 5,000 students from more than 150 countries worldwide currently studying with us.

In addition, 31% of our academic staff are from outside the UK, demonstrating that Birmingham is seeking to attract the brightest talent to its academic community from around the globe.

Professor David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor and Principal: "We are deepening our understanding of what it means to be a global university.  By laying the foundations for serious collaborations with leading universities across the globe, we internationalise the experience of our students and enable
the University at large to compete as a global research power."

Our global ambition

Chinese ambassador21st-century politics, business, industry and academia are global in their nature; therefore, Birmingham is developing its international profile rapidly.

We already have permanent representation in China, India and the US in Chicago, and we are using these links to build partnerships that will enhance our research, internationalise the educational experience that we offer, and develop a global perspective amongst our staff and students.

Lilia, Mexican student, Chemical Engineering: "People here really know how to make settling in for international students easier."

An ability to operate across the globe will be what distinguishes the Birmingham graduate, academic and professional of the future.

Bill Clinton, Former US President: "I was astonished when I saw how beautiful Birmingham was. The buildings, the art, the use of water: it is an extraordinary jewel of a city… I was bowled over when I was there. It is quite wonderful."