Lapworth Museum of Geology

Transporting visitors back 4.5 billion years, the Lapworth Museum of Geology reopened in June 2016 following a transformational £2.7 million redevelopment. The collections house everything from dinosaurs to diamonds, so there is something to spark everyone’s imagination!

The Lapworth Museum of Geology

The Lapworth Museum of Geology has the finest and most extensive collection of fossils, minerals and rocks in the Midlands region, and has been highlighted by The Guardian (2016) as one of Britain’s best paleontological Museums. The new state-of-the-art galleries boast a range of hands-on activities and interactive exhibits, and it is all free of charge, seven days a week. From rocks and fossils, to volcanoes, earthquakes, and even dinosaurs, the Museum has something to interest everyone. With over 250,000 objects, many from the local area, the Lapworth is a treasury of natural wonders. The Lapworth Museum of Geology was also a successful finalist in the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2017 due to these collections and its engagement work. 

Throughout the year, the Museum hosts a range of events for all the family, from expert lectures and children’s workshops to special exhibitions and Museum tours. Why not complete a trail while at the Museum, meet Roary our Allosaurus, enjoy our colouring in activities, and find out more about exciting ancient worlds by reading some of our story books? You can even pick up your very own little dinosaur at the Museum shop!

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Rory the Allosaurus skeleton on display at The Lapworth Museum of Geology