Volunteer at Birmingham

Enrolling as a student with the University of Birmingham is the beginning of a valuable lifelong relationship. Your connection with the University might have started as a student, but there is a whole range of ways to stay involved with Birmingham after graduation.

The arts and humanities disciplines, as well as the wider cultural and creative sectors, are experiencing significant challenges in being devalued and marginalised. By giving your time you can help us to overcome these challenges at Birmingham.

Share your story

Whether you're just starting out, changing role, or at the top of your field, you are doing amazing things. Share your experiences and inspire our students! Share your story by submitting a profile or by contacting me directly to arrange a video call.

Mentor a student

Alumnae mentor Emma Login and mentee Katherine Cadregari discuss their mentorship.

Mentoring involves sharing your knowledge, skills and experience to help your mentee progress to seek new opportunities at university and have a clearer idea of their career direction after graduation. It's more than giving advice, it’s about motivating and empowering your mentee to better understand themselves and their aims - and how they can get there.  Students have shared their stories on how mentoring has made a difference to them.

The scheme runs each year from November until the following summer, and you should be prepared to give about an hour per month of your time. We welcome interest from all alumni - you do not have to have mentored before or reached the ‘top’ of your career to be able to be a mentor and we are also keen to hear from young alumni. We provide guidance and support on the mentoring process, and support is available to you.

Offer work experience opportunities

Offering work experience opportunities does not only provide you with the chance to train and inspire the future workforce, but it can also give you the opportunity to bring fresh new perspectives and ideas into your teams. Our talented students and graduates are passionate and eager to learn, and by recruiting from University of Birmingham you’ll tap into a pool of knowledgeable candidates who can bring value to your organisation.

Work experience opportunities can take the form of placements, where students undertake them as part of their degree programme, or as internships, where students undertake them in addition to their degree programme. Contact me to discuss hosting a student on work experience.

If you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer your time, please contact David Evans-Powell Alumni Volunteer Manager, College of Arts and Law.